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Psychosynthesis Centers


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 Institute for the Advancement of Service
P.O.Box 320245, Alexandria, VA 22320-4245
Tel: 703-829-0410
Email: info@showanotherway.org
Website: www.showanotherway.org
Contact Person: Susan Trout
An educational and nonsectarian spiritual nonprofit organization, the Institute’s intent is to show another way to others during a time of crisis and change on Planet Earth — a way to attain inner peace through psychological and spiritual support and by being of service to others.
Through courses, practices, and universal teachings in soul development, leadership and group consciousness, participants are invited to view Earth as a school, exploring what they have learned from their life experiences and discovering from these life lessons the gifts they wish to extend in service to all sentient beings and to the planet.

 Counseling and Human Resources Consulting PC
4889-A Finlay Street, Richmond, VA 23231-2746
Tel: 804-222-0483
Email: mbrownlpc@aol.com
Contact person: Michael Brown

 Psychosynthesis Program of the Center for Awakening
730 Hawthorne Lane Suite 268, Charlotte, NC 28204
Tel: 704-348-5465
Email: hedwig.weiler@gmail.com
Blog: www.psychosynthesiswis.blogspot.com
Contact person: Hedwig Weiler

 Synthesis Institute of Miami
6851 SW 128 Street, Miami, FL 33156
Tel/Fax: 239-293-7711
Email: amazinggraceb@gmail.com
Contact Person: Grace Barr

 Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis
1226 Lakewood Drive, Lexington, KY 40502-2528
Tel: 859-269-6588
Email: drjhparks@windstream.net
Contact person: John Parks
The Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the expression and promotion of psychosynthesis theory and practice.
The Kentucky Center of (Bio) Psychosynthesis was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 1974 as a non-profit educational corporation. Since 1976, KCP has focussed on the post-graduate training of educators, psychologists, and other health professionals who chose to integrate the psycho-spiritual perspective of psychosynthesis into their profession. A central component of the training process is the individual personal work required of each student, the application of psychosynthesis theory and practice in their own life.

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