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Introduction to Psynthesis

The concept of "wholeness" is not a simple one. For example, how is it possible to understand wholeness since a complete picture of it also includes this understanding itself? Understanding is always one step away from where we last found ourselves and we can never catch up. This reminds me of the story of the race between the turtle and the hare. The turtle is given a head start, and reason tells us that whenever the hare has come to the place where the turtle was, the turtle has allready moved forward. Logically, the hare will never catch up. This demonstrates that the mind may be a magnificent tool, but is insufficient to reveal and explain many of the mysteries of the universe.

Our current mode of consciousness is based in the senses and the mind, which is what we rely on for understanding the world. These take us only so far and to go further we will eventually have to rely on wholeness itself, but we will begin with the mind. The best place to start with any inquiry is to inquire what the mind actually can reveal and what its limiatations are. Unfortunately we don't have the time for this here, but we can stay aware of the fact that our mind has its limitations, as well as keeping alert to catch these limitations when they emerge.

In investigating anything, the mind's approach is to dissect it and looks at each part separately. We think linearly in terms of cause and effect and this severely reduces the full reality of what we discover. But this is what we have to work with and we are learning a new way to overcome these limitations. To come to a full understanding of wholeness we will later re-introduce what was previously lost. This means considering the relationship or connection between the parts, and also between the parts and the whole. When that is completed, one puts it all together, holding the creative tension between them, until the time is right (or "ripe"), however long that takes, for the spontaneous establishment of a "psynthesis".

Splitting up wholeness we will look at a variety of themes and aspects:

  • Psychosynthesis
  • The relationship between the whole and its parts – including difference, self-reference, paradox, balance
  • As Above - So Below – Fractals, Hologram, Correspondence
  • Quantum Polarity
  • Quantum Synthesis

Other themes will be considered that may not be directly related to wholeness, but do speak of items and issues that support or enhance an understanding and practice of wholeness:

  • Sui Generis
  • The Trinity Cycle
  • Healing Breath
  • Garden of Hesperides

There is more to the universe than meets the eye. Keep a mind that is rigorous (but not rigid) and open (but not gullible), and much will be revealed.

Note: This website is a project in which its different parts are in different levels of process and completion. The Psychosynthesis website for example, is the oldest generic psychosynthesis website of the internet. Many of the others and in different stages of development. We appreciate your patience and invite you to come back often. May you find here something to stimulate your development. Comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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Dirk Kelder
June 22, 2014