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Psychosynthesis is an approach to human development initiated by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) beginning around 1910 and continuing to the present day. It is both a theory and practice where the focus is to achieve a synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self. That person can then function in a way that is more life-affirming and authentic. Another major aspect of psychosynthesis is its affirmation of the spiritual dimension of the person, i.e. the "higher", "deeper", or "transpersonal" self. This higher self is seen as a source of wisdom, inspiration, unconditional love, and the will to meaning in our lives.

Psychosynthesis is founded on the basic premise that we participate in an orderly universe structured to facilitate the evolution of consciousness. A corollary is that each person's life has purpose and meaning within this broader context and that it is possible for the individual to discover this.

Although Psychosynthesis is primarily used for psychotherapy, due to its universality it has been applied to many fields, including education, management, organizational development, politics and others. Another area where Psychosynthesis is making an impact is family life, where it is:

  • helping parents to create a family environment based on mutual respect
  • enabling parents to shift from an automatic reaction to a skillful and proactive response
  • helping parents to bring out the best in each child and discover the best within themselves.

Psychosynthesis has had a profound impact on the human potential movement. For example, the use of guided imagery and the concept of subpersonalities within the context of Psychosynthesis have brought out an appreciation of their value and significance, to the extent that these tools are now in common use, not just by psychologists and therapists, but also by many other professionals and practitioners.

Using the above menu we invite you to explore and discover the depth and scope of Psychosynthesis. As you become acquainted with its insights and comprehensiveness, you may well find much that can enrich and empower your life.

The flower/mandala at the head of this page is courtesy of Clare Goodwin.
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