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    and relationship to wholeness

Psynthesis: a term that introduces a cognitive infrastructure that facilitates an understanding and awareness of another level of "wholeness" and how it can be attained.

This is not a definition, but it gives you an idea of what this term and this website is about. Psynthesis takes our cognitive system to a new level, enabling us to perceive or become aware of previously unseen connections and parallel realities.

An awareness of a greater reality and its inner dynamics gives us the power to overcome self and any situation we find ourselves in and be a force for promoting life and spiritual freedom.

The cognitive structure it is based on has many parts, including some of which are introduced here. The entities that contribute to this cognitive framework are: Psychosynthesis, Quantum Polarity, interconnection and interdependence, holography, The Trinity Cycle, and to a lesser degree some others such as self-reference, paradox and more. These terms will be covered separately, to be followed by setting the conditions for these components to potentially experience a psynthesis in the mind/cognition of the reader.

Please note that this website is in a state of (a perhaps long-lasting) development, as new levels of psynthesis and insight emerge. It does not claim to have any final answers. In fact, it is written under the suspicion that the ultimate and final expression will reveal itself as taking the form of a question.

Please proceed to the Preface or the Introduction.

Note: This website is a project in which its different parts are in different levels of process and completion. The Psychosynthesis website for example, is the oldest generic psychosynthesis website of the internet. Many of the other pages are in different stages of development. We appreciate your patience and invite you to come back again. May you find here something to stimulate your development. Comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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Dirk Kelder
April 30, 2015