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Reason or the mind gives us a "picture" of things. A picture is worth a thousand words. A story is also worth a thousand words, but these two are definitely not the same. Put them together to get a movie or video and that'll be worth a thousand pictures. More than that, this also includes the time dimension, telling us of how things move and change. But a full understanding is beyond time and space. Wholeness, as William Blake told us, is on another level altogether. It is even contained within a grain of sand.

The concept of "wholeness" has the potential to release us from many if not most of the pains and sorrows of our lives. On the surface "wholeness" is a simple concept, but those who look deeper know of its complexity. It is both this seeming simplicity and deep complexity that keeps its many benefits beyond our grasp. The term "psynthesis" in this website points to an approach to "wholeness" that can unlock its hidden benefits. Psynthesis speaks of the potential kind of relationship we can have to the concept of wholeness that not only honours and respects it, but also, if we are willing to follow it, will guide us and lead us to itself.

The root of the word "wholeness" is the same as that of "health", "hale", and "holy", which points us toward landscapes and territories where strangers are rarely seen. A valiant initial effort to discover a path to wholeness was made in the last century by Roberto Assagioli which resulted in Psychosynthesis. The time has come to go further and deeper into the uncharted regions of wholeness. Considered with discernment and discretion, if we find the courage and skill to face the possible dangers and be willing to embark on such a journey to these places, we will get a sense of the rewards offered and they are not easily ignored.

If you haven't been there yet, may we suggest you have a look at the Introduction.

Note: This website is a project in which its different parts are in different levels of process and completion. The Psychosynthesis website for example, is the oldest generic psychosynthesis website of the internet. Many of the others and in different stages of development. We appreciate your patience and invite you to come back often. May you find here something to stimulate your development. Comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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Dirk Kelder
June 22, 2014